Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mini's Carelessness??

Pink, purple, green and yellow!! Magnificent colours reflected from the crystals in the sunlight...
Mini was fascinated by the plethora of colours and the light from simple glass crystals.. They were given to her by Sheetal didi..

She picked each one and held them up against the sunlight and laughed with joy and pleasure , delighted at the wonderful sight. She smiled to herself as she thought how good they would look as a necklace around her neck...and how her friends would admire her..

A shrill loud cry of pain brought her out of her reverie...She quickly turned around. The sight she saw made her cry out even louder. Moti, the stray dog, was growling menacingly at her 2 year old brother whose hand was bleeding profusely...Moti's pup was near her brother, Siva...

Mini got up and ran towards Moti with a stick and drove the mother and pup away from her brother. She cursed herself for being so irresponsible and careless. She lifted Siva up ,tried to comfort him and then cleaned his wound and bandaged him. She put him to sleep by singing a lullaby and rocking him in her arms.. She prayed that her brother would be alright.

It was dark. Mini was worried and scared, her brother was sleeping soundly.Her parents would be home anytime now.She was afraid of her dad's wrath. He loved Siva more than his own life and if anything happened to Siva, her father would despise Mini for life.Her mother also would blame Mini for being irresponsible.

So many thought like these flooded her mind and made her cry. Six year old Mini cried and cried herself to sleep, blaming herself for being irresponsible and careless.