Sunday, January 29, 2012

The fight...

Hey eyes welled up.I did not know what to do. There was a side to her that I could not understand however hard he tried. She looked at me and turned away crying. I wished that she would stop and my heart cringed at every sob of hers.

There was this side of her that baffled me every time it surfaced. It had been almost six months now that we were together and everything was perfect. Well, almost perfect... . She was the best thing to have happened to me since a very long time. For the first time, I had a girlfriend with whom I looked forward talking to as much as making love to... well yes I am not a saint you see..

"You are not even listening!"

She was looking pitiful now and angry at the same time. I hated myself for managing to hurt her this way and made her cry. I just wanted to get away so that she would feel better and we could sort our differences when she was not so emotional.

" I guess we better not talk now, you should go an sleep now. We shall meet tomorrow and talk."

" No! I want to sort this out now, otherwise I would not be able to sleep even. I am not like you."

What would be the right thing to say now? Should I just walk away... No, that may make her even more angry.. Hell...I do not know!

"I am sorry."

"Sorry for what? Why are you saying sorry?"

" Uh... Because you want me to say sorry"

" So you are saying that just because I want you to? Listen, do not say anything you do not mean to say"

Now I was truly stumped... What should I do? Guess I should hug her and console her

" Why are you getting angry baby? You know I love you. I am sorry I made you cry." I said hugging her tightly

" Hmmm... Guess I should also not have taken what you said to heart and reacted like this... I am sorry"

Oh finally she is back to her true self! That was a relief to me...

"Come let me leave you home. Why do you argue with me like this?"

"You think I argue with you? You are not to be blamed, right?"


" Was just kidding babe... relax.. I love you na..."

" Hmmm, okay. I better get going, it is almost the 1230 deadline..."

" Yes, come I shall accompany you... "

The walk back was surrounded by a loud silence. I could feel that she was still not back to being calm. I thought it prudent to remain silent. At least she held my hand... We reached the gate of her flat, she hugged me.

"Goodnight, I love you.

" Good night sweetheart! See you tomorrow."

Whew!! I managed to prevent the fight to escalate. I patted myself mentally and walked back to the campus.