Friday, March 26, 2010


It was a breezy and pleasant evening. She sat on a bench in the park beside the lake. She thought a walk around the park would cheer her up. But now she did not think it was a good idea. As she looked around, trying to calm herself, she could see many love struck couple strolling around hand in hand, or cuddling on the benches. She couldn't bear the sight of so much love and felt something hurt within herself.

From the beginning, she knew it was not to be. But she let herself get carried away.The thrill of being wanted, being pursued was what spelled her doom.All is well until you actually fall in love, she thought bitterly. Then you get hurt...

She got up from the bench and walked towards the railing absorbed in her own thoughts. Looking at the sunset , she started reminiscing about how it all started... the first time they they fell in love...the first kiss...the sunsets they spent together in each others arms and the promises made to be broken..she sighed...she could feel her eyes fill up, and did not want to blink as she could feel a tear forming in her eyes...Oh she did not want to cry!!! Not here,not now!!! She was going weak in her legs and she hated it. She wished to go back and make everything alright...but all the hurtful things he said, there was nothing she could do but walk away. And now here she was alone, when she wished to be with him.But.....

'I knew you would be here!'

She turned around and saw him smiling at her. Looking into his eyes full of love, she forgot all her anger and hurt. As he took her into her arms and hugged her, all she could think was about how much she loved him and cried her heart out in happiness and relief. Relief that he came for her and happiness that he did understand her after all...


  1. He did understand after all....those words say everything!
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  2. grammatical error dearie.

    "she could feel a her eyes fill up, and did not want to blink as she could feel a tear forming in her eyes"


    heart touchin it is.

  3. grammatical error ..not..typographical error